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TECHNOLOGY: Technology analysis of NETs

Task 1.1: NETs assessment through key set of criteria

Task 1.2: Quantification of potential impacts of shortlisted NETs

Task 1.3: Technology readiness assessment, costs and limitations

Task 1.4: Case studies on resource implications of NETs deployment at European (EU) and Swedish level

GOVERNANCE: Governance of NETs under the Paris Agreement

Task 2.1: Situating NETs in the Paris Agreement

Task 2.2: Explore ways of preventing harmful side-effects

Task 2.3: Analysis of GHG accounting frameworks and methodologies for NETs

FINANCE: Potential financial incentive schemes and mechanisms at the international level

Task 3.1: Overview and evaluation of potential NET financing mechanisms under the Paris Agreement

Task 3.2: Other potential support mechanisms under the UNFCCC

Task 3.3: Private sector involvement

OUTREACH: Stakeholder engagement, Dissemination and Exploitation

Task 4.1– Establishing the starting point

Task 4.2 – Establishing the engagement process

Task 4.3 – Stakeholder Exploitation

Task 4.4 – Dissemination of project results